AFS Bluecher
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationAlliance of Free Stars
Build nationAlliance of Free Stars
ServiceAlliance Fleet
Vessel typeHeavy cruiser

AFS Bluecher was a heavy cruiser of the Alliance Fleet.

In 5148 CE it was commanded by Captain-of-Space Rafael Semmes. After a workup cruise, it returned to Lorenz Base, and encountered the Goldenfels which was under the command of Lieutenant Daniel Leary.3:29 An attempt to escape through the Matrix failed. After the RCN crew abandoned the Goldenfels and rejoined the Princess Cecile, the Bluecher and the Sissie eventually fought in orbit over Radiance. Some small craft from the Commonwealth of God joined the battle, encouraged by Adele Mundy's communications, and later the aged battleship RCS Aristoxenos joined as well, finally beating the heavy cruiser into submission. The Bluecher surrendered to the RCN.3:32

Daniel's crew scavenged the heavily damaged cruiser for parts before disposing of the wreck by dropping it onto the moon Gehenna.3:33