AFS Scheer
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationAlliance of Free Stars
Build nationAlliance of Free Stars
ServiceAlliance Fleet
Vessel typeHeavy cruiser
Gun size20 cm
200 mm
7.874 inch
Number of guns4
Missile tubes12

AFS Scheer was a heavy cruiser in the Alliance Fleet. It was captured in battle by the Republic of Cinnabar Navy, and after repair, put in service as the Milton.

The Scheer had been the attempt of Alliance designers to get battleship performance out of a heavy cruiser hull. Like other something-for-nothing schemes, it was unsuccessful; only three ships had been built in the class. The other two were still in Fleet service as of 5151 CE.7:17

The Scheer was of the Admiral Class; unlike typical cruiser with eight 15-cm cannon, it had fewer guns of the larger 20-cm caliber.4:25

It was a relatively young ship, thirty years younger than the Cornelwood. The heavy cruiser had twelve missile launchers.4:22

In 5149 CE, Midshipman Timothy Dorst died in battle with Scheer, killed by a bolt from its powerful plasma cannon.7:1

The cruiser was ultimately disabled by Lieutenant Daniel Leary crashing the destroyed tender RCS Hermes into the Scheer.4:25

Shortly afterwards, the cruiser surrendered when Leary's Cutter 614 returned with RCN reinforcements.4:29