AFS Z 46
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationAlliance of Free Stars
Build nationAlliance of Free Stars
ServiceAlliance Fleet
Vessel typeDestroyer
2,500 tons
Gun size13 cm
130 mm
5.118 inch
Missile tubes4

The AFS Z 46 was a destroyer of the Alliance Fleet.

Technical data Edit

She was armed with 13-cm plasma cannon;8:25 and was about twice as massive as the Cinnabaran corvette RCS Princess Cecile.8:27

History Edit

The Z 46 was commanded by Fregattenkapitan Otto von Gleuck.8:7 In 5151 CE she visited Stahl's World, serving as transportation for Founder Hergo Belisande of Zenobia, who was accompanied by his sister, Lady Posy Belisande.8:6

The two destroyers (the other being AFS Z 42) stationed at Zenobia were under von Gleuck's command, and had a total of five hundred spacers aboard.8:11

The ship took part in the Battle of Zenobia, in which its missiles destroyed the enemy flagship Piri Reis.8:27

Known Crew Edit

Officers Edit


Otto von Gleuck5152Commanding Officer

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