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Adele Mundy
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Birth date5116
Birth placeCinnabar
FatherLucius Mundy
MotherEsme Rolfe Mundy
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Highest rankWarrant Officer

Adele Mundy was a Cinnabar librarian and intelligence agent, and a close aquaintance of Daniel Leary.

Following the proscription of her family due to their involvement in the Three Circles Conspiracy, she was one of the last surviving Mundys of Chatsworth.


Adele Mundy is a short slim woman with short brown hair.1:1


Adele was the daughter of Lucius Mundy and Esme Rolfe Mundy and the elder sister of Agatha Mundy.8:18 She was born on Cinnabar when her family was still among the most powerful houses of the Republic. She moved to the planet Bryce to study the collections of the Bryce Academy when she was sixteen years old. Three days after she arrived on Bryce, Corder Leary, the Speaker of the Cinnabar Senate, announced that he had uncovered the Three Circles Conspiracy, an Alliance plot to overthrow the Cinnabaran government with help from native agents. The Senate issued proscriptions against the conspirators, resulting in the death almost the entire Mundy family. The heads of Adele's parents and sister were put on display on Speaker's Rock.1:1

Adele spent the next fifteen years studying under Mistress Boileau and becoming an expert in archiving and filing techniques, as well as in computer hacking. When Elector Walter III of Kostroma asked Boileau to recommend somebody to head his newly founded Electoral Library, she sent Mundy to him.1:1

In 5147 CE, after playing a crucial role in the Battle of Kostroma, Mundy was recruited into Cinnabar Foreign Intelligence by Bernis Sand.1:4

Service Record[]



Posts Held

51475147Library of the Elector of KostromaElectoral Librarian1:1
51475147RCS Princess CecileSignals OfficerAbout 5147 CE
5147Cinnabar Foreign IntelligenceIntelligence Operative
51495149RCS HermesSignals Officer
51505150RCS MiltonSignals OfficerAbout 5150 CE
5151RCS Princess CecileSignals Officer

Decorations and Honors[]

Adele is the second main protagonist of the RCN series, after Daniel Leary.
Her first name is pronounced uh-DELL, according to the author.[1]

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