Adolf Storn
Male silhouette
Birth date5102
NationAlliance of Free Stars
ServiceFifth Bureau
Highest rankGeneral of the Army

Adolf Storn was the head of the Fifth Bureau for the Seventeenth Diocese of the Alliance of Free Stars, based on Port Sanlouis.9:3

On 5152 CE he responded to information provided by Adele Mundy by arriving on Tattersall in his ship the Feursnot, and arresting Admiral Jeletsky and Commander Rudolph Doerries.

At that time he was about fifty.9:27 Storn was of moderate height and build, wore civilian clothing and looked insignificant from a distance.9:28 However, when his eyes were focused on someone, he wasn't insignificant at all.9:29

His driver and bodydguard, and almost certainly an operative of the Bureau as well, was Olafsen.

Storn had a rank equivalent to General of the Army.9:29