The Alliance Fleet, rarely called the Fleet of the Alliance of Free Stars, was the space naval force of the Alliance of Free Stars.

Organization Edit

Cluster Commands Edit

Equivalent to Protectorate Service in the RCN, these were units tasked with guarding or protecting the periphery and dependent worlds. They normally had older warships, and not expected to take the brunt of major combat. One such command was the Bagarian Cluster Command. After Bagaria revolted, the AFS Victoria Luise was captured by the rebels, and entered service with Bagarian Navy.6:9

Personnel Edit

 Highest rank
Otto von GleuckLieutenant Commander
Stewart GreathouseCaptain
Henri LavoissierFregattenkapitan
Edith MaorAdmiral of the Fleet

Vessels Edit

Regular Fleet vessels were designated Alliance Fleet Ship, or AFS.3:30

 Vessel type
AFS BluecherHeavy cruiser
AFS BremseCruiser
Der Grosser KarlBattleship
G 37Destroyer
GoldenfelsAuxiliary cruiser
AFS InsidiosoDestroyer
AFS MackensenBattlecruiser
AFS PleasaunceBattleship
AFS ScheerHeavy cruiser
AFS StoschBattlecruiser
AFS T63Destroyer
AFS TriomphanteHeavy cruiser
AFS YorckHeavy cruiser
AFS Z 42Destroyer
AFS Z 46Destroyer
AFS Z17Destroyer
AFS Z21Destroyer