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The Alliance of Free Stars‏‎, often called simply the Alliance, was an totalitarian interstellar nation that rose to power after end of the Hiatus, and came into conflict with the Republic of Cinnabar several times.

The capital was Pleasaunce1:1, while Bryce was the intellectual center.5:1

Adults with full citizen rights were called Equals.7:22


The Alliance was formed by six worlds in 5071 CE. The new nation was formed around the planets Pleasaunce and Bryce, with several other smaller but important planets like Adlersbild being part of the core.8:9 Vickery, which had been settled early from Pleasaunce, was another core planet.6:25 Infanta was one of the founding worlds.5:8

Even before the formation of Alliance, there was sporadic warfare between its founding planets and the Republic of Cinnabar, starting around 5048 CE.3:1 The First Alliance War ended in 5073 CE.3:1 By 5147 CE, Cinnabar and the Alliance had fought three wars over the previous century, and were in the middle of a fourth. This fourth outbreak had less to do with the Three Circles Conspiracy than it did with the same trade, pride, and paranoia which had led to the earlier conflicts.1:1 It started in 5142 CE.2:6

By 5148 CE, the hostilities were over, at least temporarily, and many RCN officers were released on half-pay. Presumably the same was happening in the Alliance.3:6 A few months later, the armistice was about to break, with Cinnabar on the verge of declaring war again.3:34

By 5151 CE the two great powers had been warring nearly continuously for 40 years.9:1

In 5151 CE with both Alliance and Cinnabar on the verge of collapse from the wars, the Peace of Rheims stopped active warfare.8:3 The same treaty, or perhaps a follow-up agreement, was called the Treaty of Amiens in 5152 CE.9:2


It was ruled by the Guarantor, an absolute ruler with his own private security service, the Fifth Bureau. (RCN1)

Its major administrative divisions included:

  • Foreign Ministry9:26


The Alliance supported a large fleet that included many different types of starships, including battleships and auxiliary cruisers.3:13 Its naval service was called the Alliance Fleet.

Its land forces were the Grand Army of the Stars.8:10


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