Female silhouette
Death placeFalassa
NationSelma Cluster
Highest rankCaptain

Aretine was a pirate leader from the planet Falassa in the Selma Cluster.

Appearance Edit

Aretine was an unattractive woman with sharp features and icy eyes; a scar ran from her chin into her scalp. She dyed her hair in a bright, artificial red.2:28

Biography Edit

She did not believe in the treaty with the Republic of Cinnabar, and eventually decided to rebel agains the authority of Astrogator Kelburney. Naming herself "Overlord of Falassa", she rallied most of the local captains behind her.

The Astrogator enlisted the help of Daniel Leary and the Republic of Cinnabar Navy in order to defeat Aretine.2:25 They went to Falassa and gave an ultimatum to her crew to arrest and hand her over. In the end, her own people turned on Aretine, killing her.[1]2:28

References Edit

  1. Adele Mundy believed her to have been shot in the back of the head.