Battle of Bromley
Battle icon
ConflictFourth Alliance War
Battle date5149
PlaceBromley System
ResultCinnabar victory
Republic of Cinnabar NavyAlliance Fleet
Daniel Leary
light cruiser RCS Hermes heavy cruiser AFS Scheer
destroyers AFS Z17, AFS Z21
Cutter 612 w/all handsScheer captured

The Battle of Bromley was an armed engagement between the Republic of Cinnabar Navy and the Alliance Fleet that took place in space in the Bromley System in 5149 CE.

Background Edit

A twelve-ship Alliance convoy was heading for the base being constructed on the planet Yang, probably carrying a Planetary Defense Array as well as a considerable garrison. The escort were the heavy cruiser AFS Scheer with the destroyers AFS Z17 and AFS Z21.4:22

Course of Battle Edit

Aftermath Edit

The Alliance convoy scattered, and the planned forces did not reinforce the planned base on Yang.

Daniel Leary was promoted to Commander, skipping a step. The damaged Scheer was captured by the RCN and sent to Cinnabar for repairs, to be taken into service at a later time.4:29

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