Battle of Kostroma
Battle icon
ConflictFourth Alliance War
Battle date5147
ResultCinnabar victory
Republic of Cinnabar NavyAlliance Fleet
Daniel Leary

1 corvette
1 cutter

partial PDA
AFS Bremse with all hands, abt. 500

The Battle of Kostroma took place on and above the planet of Kostroma in 5147 CE.

Background Edit

Course of Battle Edit

Space Combat Edit

The captured Kostroma corvette Princess Cecile commanded by Lieutenant Daniel Leary attacked the Alliance Fleet AFS Bremse. The corvette was a much weaker warship than the Alliance cruiser/minelayer, but the combat was mostly to distract from the main thrust of RCN attack.

A cutter with an RCN detachment managed to get access to the command node for the Kostroma Planetary Defense Array being installed by AFS Bremse. After Adele Mundy reprogrammed the PDA to target the Bremse, the Alliance cruiser was destroyed, and RCN was in control of planetary defenses and surrounding space.1:3

Aftermath Edit