Battle of New Harmony
Battle icon
ConflictFourth Alliance War
Battle date5151
PlaceNew Harmony
ResultAlliance victory
Republic of Cinnabar NavyAlliance Fleet
OzawaAnton Petersen
4 battleships4 battleships
4 battleships

The Battle of New Harmony took place on and above New Harmony in 5151 CE.

The Alliance Fleet won a decisive victory.7:10

Background Edit

In 5151 CE the Monserrat Stars became a contested area between Alliance of Free Stars and Republic of Cinnabar. Both powers had sent roughly the same naval forces in the cluster.7:3

Course of Battle Edit

The Alliance Fleet fleet, commanded by Admiral Anton Petersen, conducted a surprise attack on the RCN forces at New Harmony. Of the Cinnabar fleet commanded by Admiral Ozawa, all four battleships, a cruiser, and a number of destroyers were destroyed or captured in harbor.

Aftermath Edit

The remainder of RCN ships fled to Cacique. After the battle, most of Petersen's fleet—three battleships and attendant screens—proceeded to the Cacique System to blockade surviving RCN forces, and eventually reduce the defenses there in order to destroy or capture them.7:12