Battle of the Jewel System
Battle icon
ConflictFourth Alliance War
Battle date5149
PlaceJewel System
ResultCinnabar victory
Republic of Cinnabar NavyAlliance Fleet
James of KithranGuphill

  • 2 battleships
  • 4 heavy cruisers
  • 2 light cruisers
  • 2 destroyers
  • Casualties

    The Battle of the Jewel System took place in 5149 CE, and ended the Siege of Diamondia with the victory by Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

    Background Edit

    See the Siege of Diamondia.

    Order of Battle Edit

    RCN Edit

    Kithran split his fleet into two task forces: "Barnyard", consististing of two battleships, under Captain Clinton of Zeno, which was also Kithran's flagship; "Foxhunt" with Alcubiere, Antigone, six E-Class destroyers, and RCS Princess Cecile.6:26, under the command of Captain Bussom of the Alcubiere.

    Alliance Fleet Edit

    Admiral Guphill arranged his forces in two wings.

    Left Wing: battleship Formentera with the light cruisers Bat Durston and Rip Waechter, and 2 destroyers: T 65 and T 72.

    Right Wing: heavy cruisers Hertha, Viceroy Adelbert, Vineta and Direktor Heinrich; battleship AFS Pleasaunce (Admiral Guphill's flagship).

    Course of Battle Edit

    The T 65 was damaged and surrendered; the Pleasaunce was destroyed; the Hertha and Viceroy Adelbert were destroyed; Direktor Heinrich was struck by Waechter missiles and almost entirely destroyed.

    RCS Escapade was destroyed. RCS Express and possibly Antigone were a constructive loss.

    Aftermath Edit