Bergen and Associates was a shipbuilding company based in Xenos on Cinnabar. In 5149 CE it was entering its third decade, so it was started around 5129 CE.4:6

It was founded by legendary RCN officer Stacey Bergen, with his brother-in-law, Corder Leary, as a silent partner. After Bergen's death, his share went to his nephew, Daniel Leary – Corder's estranged son. One of Daniel's first actions as owner of the company was to install his fellow officer and friend, Lieutenant Mon, as the yard's manager.3:6

Daniel Leary had spent a lot of time hanging around the premises as a child, and learned quite a bit about starship construction and repair.2:33 Daniel's first experience of the Matrix, at age seven, had been from the hull of a freighter being rerigged by Bergen and Associates.8:19

When RCS Princess Cecile was badly damaged, it was sold as scrap to Bergen and Associates, where it was subsequently fully repaired.4:4 Afterwards, the Sissie was owned by the company, although frequently chartered or contracted by RCN.5:1

While the company usually worked on ships of 1500 tons or less, in 5151 CE it repaired the much larger RCS Milton for the RCN.7:1