Male silhouette
Death date5150
Death placeCacique System
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Highest rankWarrant Officer

Borries was a Pellegrino citizen who joined the crew of RCS Princess Cecile and Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

He served in the Pellegrino Navy, was captured in the Battle of Dunbar's World in 5149 CE, and decided not to return home after surviving a battle in which Pellegrino's dictator lost his only son. In 5149 CE, Daniel Leary appointed him the Chief Missileer after finding his skills better than most RCN-trained specialists.6:4

He was stationed in the BDC of RCS Milton during the Battle of Cacique, and was killed when the cruiser was struck by a missile.7:27

Posts Held

51495150RCS Princess CecileChief Missileer
51505150RCS MiltonChief Missileer