Caio Duilio
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationPellegrino
Build nationAlliance of Free Stars
ServicePellegrino Navy
Vessel typeLight cruiser
Gun size15 cm
150 mm
5.906 inch
Number of guns4
Number of missiles350
Missile tubes8

The Caio Duilio, often called just the Duilio, was a light cruiser in Pellegrino Navy service.

History Edit

In 5149 CE, the Princess Cecile encountered the Duilio at Pellegrino serving as an escort for ships supporting the invasion of Dunbar's World. The cruiser was a fairly modern ship, built in an Alliance yard or at least to an Alliance design.5:4

When Princess Cecile-assisted attack succeeded in capturing the Pellegrino invasion base on Mandelfarne Island, the Duilio blockaded Dunbar's World.5:22

The Pellegrino invasion was supported by Alliance Fleet advisers, including communications teams aboard the ships.5:7 She was commanded by Captain ap Glynn, with Commander Diehl as executive officer. A Clerk 7 Wang was a Signals Officer.5:20 She had a crew of 19 officers and 229 enlisted, and 67 missiles out of nominal 120; not a full fighting condition but still far more powerful than the Sissie even had the corvette had any missiles aboard.

Under Daniel Leary's command, RCN crew reinforced by an Infantan retainers of Miroslav Krychek used the Sissie and the Sibyl, a destroyer of Bennarian Navy, to attack the Duilio. At the conclusion of the Battle of Dunbar's World, the Duilio was defeated and forced to land.5:27

After being captured on land, Leary had the cruiser repaired and gave it to Bennarian navy in exchange for the Sibyll.5:28

Technical Description Edit

The Duilio had 36 masts. It was armed with 8 missile launch tubes, and two pairs of 15-cm plasma cannon.5:4

While built to Alliance Fleet standards, it was an export model, with some shortcuts such as reduced electronic security.5:27 Her missiles were Alliance Type 12A3, a single-converter type.5:27


Borries5149Chief Missileerprobably, "From the evidence of her first salvo, her Chief Missileer knew his business."5:27
Caio Duilio was an Italian battleship that served in World War I and World War II. She was named after the Roman fleet commander Gaius Duilius.