Castle Four
Planet (from With the Lightnings)
Location typePlanet
WithinCastle System
NationAlliance of Free Stars

Castle Four was the fourth planet of Castle System, the home system of Pleasaunce (aka Castle Three), which was the capital of Alliance of Free Stars.

The diameter of Castle Four was over 6900 miles, but the gravity was only about half standard because it didn’t have a metallic core. Despite the thin atmosphere being low in oxygen, vast quantities of water ice were locked beneath the surface crust.

In 5149 CE, hundreds of ships were on or above Castle Four at any one time. It was easier to get landing rights on Four than on Pleasaunce, making it a convenient storehouse for high-bulk goods which could be stored cheaply in a near vacuum until they were purchased and transshipped.6:21 Daniel Leary, commanding a small, ostensibly Bagarian force of RCS Ladouceur and RCS Princess Cecile, raided Castle Force, enraging Guarantor of the Alliance of Free Stars Porra.6:22