Chatsworth Minor
Location typeStructure
NationRepublic of Cinnabar

Chatsworth Minor was the townhouse of the Mundys of Chatsworth in the Cinnabaran capital of Xenos.

Three generations of Mundys lived there after the family became so politically prominent that Adele Mundy's grandfather replaced their previous townhouse in Xenos with a more imposing, four story-tall one.3:1

Young Adele spent a lot of time there in her youth. After the discovery of the Three Circles Conspiracy and the proscriptions against the Mundys, the Senate gave the house to a distant cousin, Ligier Rolfe, and his wife.

Many years later, Adele, one of the last surviving Mundys, came to visit the house before leaving on a Navy mission, and was shocked by the state of it, as well as by the Rolfes' treatment of her. She left a note for her banker, Deirdre Leary, asking for help in getting the estate back.

Once Mundy returned from her mission, Mistress Leary had not only gotten back Chatsworth Minor for her, but also renovated it, having her family's bank, the Shippers' and Merchants' Treasury, rent the second floor and pay for the renovations and the staff. Also, the bank would only need its rented rooms very infrequently, and decided to sublet them to Lieutenant Daniel Leary, Mundy's friend and commanding officer. (RCN1)