Timeline for events in the RCN series and its universe.

Chronometry Edit

For most purposes, the colonies used terrestrial units of time. To emphasize that, the years are sometimes explicitly called Terran/terrestrial years,1:1 Earth years,2:2 or standard years.6:12 Hours, minutes and seconds are frequently used.

Deep History Edit

  • 60,000 BCE: A platinum pyramid was left to be embedded by limestone by unknown travelers on Dansant.6:15
  • 28,000 BCE: A glacier on ME8*9JB started dragging a spherical craft, composed of pentagonal plates.9:6

Recorded History Edit

Most events are dated relatively, from statements such as "fifteen hundred years ago".2:16 The events with absolute dates are displayed in bold.

Recent History Edit

Events since Adele Mundy's birth, that is within the lifetime of the main characters. These events are likely to be accurate, and are usually tied to ages of the protagonists at the time.

Joint History Edit

Methods and Issues Edit

Sources of Dating Edit

Most year references in the RCN series are relative, with a few exceptions:

  • David Drake mentioned units in use three millenia hence,7:0 making the period approximately 5000 Common Era
  • Two dates in Kostroma history (first and second landing) using "Anno Hajira" or Muslim calendar
  • Two dates related to the desertion of Rooksby7:11
  • Navy House order to Leary2:9
  • Brassey's ordering and installation of a landing beacon8:11

The first landing occurred approximately 1900 years before the events in With the Lightnings, other events are then calculated from that date, assuming higher precision than is really supported by the text.

The other absolute dates are not used at this point.

Comments from David Drake Edit

Note the timeline may not be fully consistent. When discussing calendar and timelnie, the author stated:[6]

Dear Sir or Madame,

When John Treadaway began working on the Hammer series' details for the miniature game, it became a little embarrassing to me. I don't think in those terms.

I have an extremely good memory for incident and conversation (as I've proved a number of times) but I have no serial memory worth mentioning. Assigning a date to something in my own life is often a matter of remembering what I was driving at the time.

What's true in my life is also true in my fiction. In this I'm aided by the fact that classical civilizations tended to think in terms of an eternal present also. A rich man's library might have busts of Solon, Socrates, and Marcus Aurelius with no real awareness of the fact that the periods in which the three men lived were utterly different.

I won't be able to help you. Perhaps others (with minds more like those of John Treadaway) will.

Best wishes, Dave Drake

He also added:[7]

Yes, please run my comments anywhere they would be appropriate. Unless I say something is not for publication, it's all free to quote. I may be a fool, but you'll find I'm a straightforward one.

And do have fun, but don't expect me to have been writing consistent history. I prefer memoirs to secondary history anyway.

Questions and Continuity Problems Edit

  • Starship crash on Sexburga, and even the secondary colonizations from Topaz seem to occur during the Hiatus.
    • One possibility is that the Hiatus started (and ended) earlier, perhaps 2600-3600. But then Cinnabar didn't become a real power for about 500 years after the end of Hiatus, perhaps analogous to early Roman history.
  • Captain Devereaux apparently visited New Delphi before it was settled (or actually, a book about his adventures was printed before)3:22
  • First Alliance War ended only a year after Alliance's formation. On the other hand, it seems that Pleasaunce was an aggressive power long before that.
  • And another reference in to the Alliance existing at least 100 years back.9:6
  • Brassey installed a landing beacon in '45, presumably a few months before Leary's arrival. This seems to conflict with the "current" date based on Rooksby's desertion (which is about '110.
    • Possible interpretation: the Brassey used Zenobia dates.8:11
    • Note: the orders to Strymon issued to Leary are dated in '45;2:9 making the "45" date Cinnabar (and presumably Terran) standard. But the relative time span to the landing beacon on Zenobia just doesn't work.8:11

References Edit

  1. almost three thousand could easily be 2900 or even 2800, so this date is probably a century or two too early.
  2. a millennium before mankind returned to the stars, and the return came from second- and third-tier colonies, worlds like Cinnabar and Pleasaunce which had been too minor for either side to bother destroying3:7
  3. Adele Mundy did not find this credible.
  4. This is the key point to anchoring Adele's viewpoint to an absolute date: no record of the story for sixteen hundred years plus a post-Hiatus history of the Swartzenhild clan ... three hundred years back making the traditional date of first colony on Kostroma 1900 years in the past.1:2
  5. Could Rene Cazelet mean against Pleasaunce ?
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