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Daniel Leary
Daniel Leary.jpg
Birth date5125
Birth placeCinnabar
FatherCorder Leary
MotherLady Bergen Leary
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Highest rankCaptain

Daniel Oliver Leary was a Cinnabar citizen and an officer of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy.


Leary was a little above average height with a tendency toward fleshiness that showed itself particularly in his florid face. His roundness and open expression caused strangers sometimes to dismiss him as soft.1:1 He had fine blond hair.4:9 It was also described as sandy (golden-brownish blond) haired.1:1

Daniel was five foot nine inches tall.9:20


Daniel Oliver Leary was born on Cinnabar as a Leary of Bantry, the only son of Corder Leary, then-Speaker of the Cinnabar Senate. He grew up with his mother on the family estate of Bantry, while his older sister, Deirdre, spent most of her time in the family's townhouse in Xenos 1:1, with his father only visiting when his work allowed it.

After his mother's death, sixteen-year-old Daniel and his father had an angry falling out about Corder's new wife, Anise. Daniel called her a whore, causing his father to disown him. They stopped speaking for years. Daniel decided to join the Navy, and went on to become an officer.1:1 He had about four years of RCN Academy before active service.6:9

Service Record[]



Posts Held

51455145RCS SwiftsureCadet"Senior Cruise on the Swiftsure"9:12
51475147RCS AglaiaSupernumerary1:1
5147RCS Princess CecileCommanding Officer1:4
51495149RCS HermesFirst Lieutenant
51505150RCS MiltonCommanding Officer7:2

Honors and Decorations[]

There must have been other awards: by 5150 CE, wearing only Cinnabar decorations, Leary had more medals than most officers in the RCN.7:1

Leary, along with Adele Mundy, is the main protagonist of the RCN series. His character is partly based on John "Lucky Jack" Aubrey from Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin novels.
He was named "Leary Daniels" and later "Cassian Daniels" in the original draft of With the Lightnings, and due to an error in the publishing process, the latter still appears in early editions as well as many reviews of the first novel.