Darwin Britten
Male silhouette
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Highest rankCaptain

Darwin Britten was a Cinnabar citizen and an officer of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

Appearance Edit

In 5149 CE he was heavily built and sported cropped gray hair.6:2

Biography Edit

In 5148 CE, Commander Britten was the president of the RCN survey board on Todos Santos that purchased the Princess Cecile from Daniel Leary back into service for 1,475,000 florins.3:34

A year later, he had been promoted to Captain and assigned as head of the Liaison Office; he authored the plan to send Lieutenant Leary and the Princess Cecile to help the Independent Republic of Bagaria in their revolt against the Alliance of Free Stars, and thus distract the Alliance Fleet from the Siege of Diamondia.6:2

In 5151 CE, Britten was the Chief of the Bureau of Personnel, and signed the orders promoting Commander Leary to Captain.7:1

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

Posts Edit

  • 5148 CE: President of RCN survey board, Todos Santos
  • 5149 CE: Head of the Liaison Office
  • 5151 CE: Chief of the Bureau of Personnel

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