Delos Vaughn
Male silhouette
Birth placeStrymon
FatherLeland Vaughn
NationStrymon system

Delos Vaughn was a Strymon citizen and politician, and a member of politically prominent Vaughn family.

He was the son of President Leland Vaughn, who died while Delos was on Cinnabar. His uncle Callert took over the presidency, and was eventually succeeded by his daughter Pleyna upon his death. A minor, she was actually controlled by Friderik Nunes, a political enemy of Delos who forced the possible rival to remain in exile on Cinnabar.2:1

Fifteen years later, Vaughn met Lieutenant Daniel Leary and learned that he was to be detached to Strymon. He then tricked his way aboard Leary's ship, the Princess Cecile, and travelled to Sexburga, from where he proceeded to Strymon and launched a coup that installed him as President.2:30

He later awarded Lieutenant Leary the Order of Strymon in Diamonds for his help in his rise to power.4:1