Dunbar's World
CapitalPort Dunbar
WithinGanpat's Reach
NationFederal Republic of Dunbar

Dunbar's World was an inhabited planet in Ganpat's Reach, an area on the fringes of human-inhabited space.

It had one large continent where most of the population lived, but there were also farms and towns on numerous islands. The capital city was Port Dunbar.5:1

In 5149 CE it was invaded forces led by Nataniel Arruns, the son of the leader of Pellegrino. While not officially an invasion of Pellegrino, it was supplied and supported by them.5:1

The invasion bogged down, but was making slow progress against largely ineffectual resistance of the Federal Republic of Dunbar. The attempt at invasion was finally crushed at the Battle of Dunbar's World.5:27