Elisabeth Forbes
Female silhouette
NationRepublic of Cinnabar

Elisabeth Forbes was a citizen of Republic of Cinnabar and a politician.

Appearance, Habits and Family Edit

In 5149 CE Forbes was a small woman, birdlike only if the bird was a raptor. She liked to be accompanied by handsome young men young enough to be her grandson.6:1 She had a great-nephew in the RCN, Dan Robinson.7:3

Career Edit

In 5132 CE Forbes was a junior back-bencher at the time of the Three Circles Conspiracy Proscriptions. She wasn not a member of the Beneficial Party, but she joined soon afterwards.7:5

In 5149 CE she was a Senator, and the chair of the Cinnabar Senate Finance Committee.6:1

In 5151 CE Forbes resigned her position as Minister of Finance to run for Speaker of the Cinnabar Senate. She lost, and as a result was sent off planet, on a diplomatic mission to Karst, aboard RCS Milton.7:3

She accompanied the Milton, and supported Captain Daniel Leary in the campaign to recapture Monserrat Stars culminating in the Battle of Cacique. As a result, she regained influence in the Senate and ended up as the Minister of Defense.7:Ep