Ella 919
Starship with sails (small)
Vessel typeYawl

The Ella 919 was a yawl like the Savoy. In 5152 CE, it was commanded by Captain Tommines, who operated her on shares with a trading house on Cremona. It was blockade-running for the Sunbright Rebellion when it was nearly caught departing from Sunbright (planet). The Alliance Fleet patrol gunboats the Flink and the Tapfer were closing in, when the Savoy intervened.

Captain Daniel Leary, at the time posing as Lieutenant Pensett jumped the Savoy through the Matrix into the path of the gunboats. Distracted by the Savoy, the gunboats let the Ella escape. Leary then jumped again, too close to Sunbright's atmosphere for the gunboats to follow.9:17