Adele Mundy
Female silhouette
Birth nameEsme Rolfe
Birth placeCinnabar
Death date5132
Death placeCinnabar
SpouseLucius Mundy
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
Adele MundyF5116
Agatha MundyF5122

Lady Esme Rolfe Mundy was the wife of Lucius Mundy. Her birth family, the Rolfes, were a noble house of Cinnabar, one of the oldest in the Republic.2:8

She had two daughters, Adele Mundy and Agatha Mundy.

Esme Rolfe Mundy was killed and beheaded in the Proscriptions following the Three Circles Conspiracy in 5132 CE.6:21

Spelling Edit

Adele's mother was referred to as Evadne Mundy6:12 or Evadne Rolfe Mundy,7:16 but Esme Rolfe Mundy later.8:17