Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationAlliance of Free Stars
Build nationHallowell
Year built5072
Vessel typeAuxiliary cruiser
3,000 tons
Gun size4 inch
101.6 mm
Number of guns8

The Estremadura was an auxiliary cruiser of the Alliance Fleet, in service around 5152 CE.

Basically a privateer, it operated on a commission in the Funnell Squadron. It massed 3,000 tons, and did not carry missiles because its intended prey was lightly-built pirate craft of a few hundred tons, but it mounted eight 4-inch plasma cannon in separate mountings. It was built in 5072 CE as an anti-pirate cruiser on Hallowell.[1]

It had a crack crew, with superb gunnery and navigation.9:8 She had picked up top Fleet officers and crews after the Peace of Amiens was signed and most of fleet ships were pulled off active duty.9:19

The Governor of Sunbright, Blaskett, had commissioned the Estremadura for hunting blockade-runners. It operated in the Madison System—where ships from the Funnel Squadron would not be permitted—and along the route from there to Cremona. It carried its captures to a prize court on Westerbeke, where they were always condemned.9:10

The Estremadura attacked the Princess Cecile over Sunbright. In a subsequent battle, it damaged the Sissie under Captain Daniel Leary's command, but was subsequently defeated.9:25

Its operations were coordinated by Commander Doerries of the Alliance Fleet Intelligence at Forty Stars Fleet headquarters, with information heavily protected and routed through Charlie Platt.9:15

References Edit

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