The Financier Class were light cruisers originally in service with Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

At thirty-eight hundred tons, these were smaller than any light cruiser built in the subsequent generations; they had a mixed armament of two six-inch plasma cannon in a dorsal turret amidships and four four-inch guns in lateral turrets offset to bow and stern; and their antennas, instead of telescoping within themselves, folded parallel like the yards.

The arrangements of armament and rigging had proved unsatisfactory in service. Rather than rebuild the ships involved, the Financier class had been relegated to colonial service, showing the flag on planets lacking high technology.6:10

Most of the class was scrapped before 5116 CE, but the RCS Ladouceur was captured or acquired by Alliance Fleet and assigned to Cluster Command, which was often filled by old and foreign-built ships. Eventually it came into service with Bagarian Navy and was involved in several operations in 5149 CE.6:9