The florin was the standard currency of the Republic of Cinnabar.

It existed as cash money in the form of five-, ten- and hundred-florin-pieces.1:1

Florins were a flashy currency:

  • a florin had a ruby hologram within the central crystal.7:9
  • a five-florin piece was of clear plastic with a gold inner layer that danced and flashed.1:1
  • A hundred-florin piece had multilevel diffraction gratings within the transparent coin that turned it into a rainbow.1:1 A hundred-florin coin was peacock-hued.2:7

Buying Power Edit

At the time of the wars with the Alliance of Free Stars, a corvette like the Princess Cecile was worth about one and a half million florins.3:34 The Autocrator of Palmyra believed the Princess Cecile was worth about 800,000 florins during peacetime in 5151 CE; but she raised her offer to a million and a half.7:9

5147 CE: In Cinnabar countryside five florins was a day’s wage; in Xenos it would buy a meal without wine.1:1

5148 CE: An RCN Lieutenant on half-pay got 15 florins per week.3:6

A florin was about a half a day's wage on Paton.7:9

Adele Mundy, a Signals Officer, was getting 10 florins per week.7:17 In 5151 CE a florin was more than a day's wage on Stahl's World.7:9

A soldi was a smaller coin.10:10

Exchange Rate Edit