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The Fourth Alliance War was a war fought between the Alliance of Free Stars and Republic of Cinnabar, from around 5134 CE to 5151 CE.

Even before the formation of Alliance, there was sporadic warfare between its founding planets and the Cinnabar, starting around 5048 CE.3:1 The First Alliance War ended in 5073 CE.3:1 By 5147 CE, Cinnabar and the Alliance had fought three wars over the previous century, and were in the middle of a fourth. This fourth outbreak had less to do with the so-called Three Circles Conspiracy than it did with the same trade, pride, and paranoia which had led to the earlier conflicts.1:1

The war started in 5134 CE when Alliance annexed Pantellaria.10:5 During at least some of the war there was social and artistic intercourse. For example, Adele Mundy had studied for a decade on Bryce while the RCN fought with Alliance Fleet.5:3 Open warfare (re)started in 5142 CE.2:6

By 5148 CE, the hostilities were over, at least temporarily, and many RCN officers were released on half-pay. Presumably the same was happening in the Alliance.3:6 A few months later, the armistice was about to break, with Cinnabar on the verge of resuming warfare.3:34

By 5151 CE the two great powers had been warring nearly continuously for 40 years.9:1

In 5151 CE with both Alliance and Cinnabar on the verge of collapse from the wars, the Peace of Rheims stopped active warfare.8:3 The same treaty, or perhaps a follow-up agreement, was called the Treaty of Amiens in 5152 CE.9:2

Battles Edit

Battle of Kostroma5147Cinnabar victory
Battle of Strymon5147Cinnabar victory
Battle of Bromley5149Cinnabar victory
Battle of the Jewel System5149Cinnabar victory
Siege of Diamondia5149Indecisive
Battle of Dunbar's World5149Cinnabar victory
Battle of Cacique5151Cinnabar victory
Battle of New Harmony5151Alliance victory
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