Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationAlliance of Free Stars
Build nationAlliance of Free Stars
ServiceAlliance Fleet
Vessel typeAuxiliary cruiser
8,000 tons
Gun size15 cm
150 mm
5.906 inch
Number of guns12
Number of missiles20
Missile tubes2

The Goldenfels was an auxiliary cruiser in service with the Alliance Fleet.

History Edit

In 5148 CE, Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy encountered the Goldenfels at Todos Santos. It was registered as an Alliance freighter out of Pleasaunce, ID Number 83191-7. It was commanded by Captain Bertram3:10 and had 356 crew aboard. Its sophisticated electronic security and large crew indicated that it was not a commercial vessel but a disguised warship.3:13

The Goldenfels encontered the Princess Cecile again on Morzanga. Greiner was its Signals Officer, and because of the vessel's role as a spy ship, was an Alliance Fleet Intelligence officer. Its attempted ambush of the Sissie was prevented by Adele Mundy, and as a result the damaged Goldenfels was left on the planet when the Princess Cecile departed.3:19

Later, Leary and the Sissie returned to Morzanga and seized Goldenfels. After quick repairs, Leary used the cruiser and its larger cannon to assault the Alliance base on Gehenna.3:26 Mundy discovered that the vessel's real designation was HSK2 Atlantis.3:27

After the successful assault on the base, the Goldenfels was spotted by heavy cruiser AFS Bluecher, and pursued to a rendezvous with the Princess Cecile at Salmson 115A3. The crew was barely able to transfer to the Sissie before missiles from the Bluecher destroyed the Goldenfels.3:31

Technical Description Edit

The cruiser weighed some eight thousand tons empty.3:10 She had twin 10-cm plasma cannon in ventral and dorsal turrets,3:19 four normally-concealed lateral turrets, each mounting twin 15-cm guns. She was also armed with two missile tubes, aligned to port and starboard, and the twenty missiles in her magazines.3:29

A German freighter Goldenfels was requisitioned into Nazi naval service in 1939, armed, and renamed Atlantis (HSK 2). As a commerce raider (auxiliary cruiser was the German designation) Atlantis sank or captured 22 ships before being sunk in 1941.