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Birth nameHogg
NationRepublic of Cinnabar

Hogg was a Cinnabar citizen and the trusted companion and manservant of Daniel Leary. His first name is Peter.[1]

Appearance Edit

In 5148 CE, Hogg was in his early fifties, balding and cherubic.1:1

Biography Edit

The Hogg family had been in the service of the Learys of Bantry for generations when he began serving as the infant Daniel Leary's watcher. He taught Daniel the history and legends his house, and explored the Bantry estate with him.

When six-year-old Daniel struck his mother in rage, Hogg took the boy away and gave him a severe spanking. Mistress Leary never found out about it, as Daniel considered it a matter to be settled among men.

When Daniel left his father's house and joined the Republic of Cinnabar Navy, Hogg joined him and remained his manservant throughout his journeys.1:1

References Edit

  1. Private communication from David Drake.
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