Daniel Leary

Daniel Leary, a human male

Humans were a sentient species from the planet Earth in the Sol system and the predominant race in their part of the Milky Way galaxy.

Biology Edit

Humans were a species of bipedal primates in the family Hominidae (taxonomically Homo sapiens, Latin for "wise human" or "knowing human").

Human evolution was slow, taking tens of thousands of Earth years to cause major changes. (RCN2)

History Edit

They settled on numerous planets and moons in the space surrounding their homeworld, until Earth's population reached a size the planet could no longer support. The government decided to force the larger colonies to accept additional settlers in order to relieve Earth. The colony worlds resisted, resulting in a deadly conflict known as the Population Wars.

The following devastation led to the Hiatus, a total stop on the expansion of human colonization and trade for a millenium. Eventually, however, space travel resumed and humans continued to grow as a civilization. (RCN2)

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