Planet (from With the Lightnings)
Location typePlanet
WithinCacique System
NationRepublic of Cinnabar

Cacique was the main Republic of Cinnabar Navy base in the Montserrat Stars.7:11

In 5150 CE it was the site of the Battle of Cacique, a major engagement in the Fourth Alliance War.

Cacique had 2 moons: the closer was Inner without an atmosphere.

Inner had fossil ice at both poles and gravity at a little over an 0.8g, and was normally uninhabited. Admiral Anton Petersen set up an Alliance Fleet base in a crater near the north pole, in order to support his assault on the RCN forces based on Cacique.7:23

Daniel Leary's forces—V67 and AFS T63—assaulted the base as part of the Battle of Cacique.7:25