Male silhouette
NationSelma Cluster
Highest rankAstrogator

Kelburney was the Astrogator of the Selma Cluster during Daniel Leary's early career.

In 5143 CE he agreed to sign a treaty with the Republic of Cinnabar to eschew piracy and devote to trade and other wholesome pursuits, effectivily turning the Cluster into a Cinnabaran client state.2:23

When Lieutenant Daniel Leary of the RCN warship Princess Cecile arrived at Dalbriggan asking for help against Alliance forces in the Strymon system, Kelburney agreed to help if the RCN ship first helped him regain full control of the Cluster from the rebellious Captain Aretine.2:25 Leary accepted and led the Astrogator's pirates into battle in the orbit of the planet Falassa, destroying all resistance and making Aretine's people turn on her.

Satisfied with the Cinnabarans' help, the Astrogator put his fleet under Leary's control and they proceeded to Strymon.2:28