Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationIndependent Republic of Bagaria
Build nationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceBagarian Navy
Vessel typeLight cruiser
Mass3800 tons
Gun size6 inches
152.4 mm
Number of guns6

The Ladouceur was a warship in the Bagarian Navy.

Technical Description Edit

The cruiser massed 3800 tons, and had two 6-inch plasma cannon and four 4-inch cannon. Her antennae folded rather than telescoped as in more modern vessels.6:10 It had 18 plasma thrusters.6:11

History Edit

The vessel was a light cruiser of the Financier Class, originally RCS Ladouceur in Republic of Cinnabar Navy service. Most of the class was scrapped before 5116 CE, but the Ladouceur was captured or acquired by Alliance Fleet and assigned to Cluster Command, which was often filled by old and foreign-built ships.

The cruiser was on service with the Alliance Fleet as AFS Victoria Luise, assigned to the Bagarian Cluster Command. During the Bagarian revolt, forces under Captain Seward captured the vessel on the ground, and took her back to Pelosi.

In 5149 CE, the Bagarian leader, Generalissima DeMarce offered to rename the ship Admiral Leary in honor of Daniel Leary on secondment from RCN. However, Leary, fearing the perceived arrogance would be the end of his career, persuaded Generalissima to use the original name in RCN service, Ladouceur.6:9

Leary used the cruiser to successfully assault Alliance-held Dodd's Throne.6:11 A subsequent assault on Churchyard was aborted.6:14 Leary then took the vessel on successful assault on Conyears, the cluster headquarters.6:17

Leary's use of the cruiser concluded with a daring raid on Castle Four, a planet in the home system of the Alliance of Free Stars; after which he left it to the Bagarian command.6:23