Lev Pasternak
Male silhouette
Birth date5092
Birth placeWassail County
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
RCN logo
Highest rankWarrant Officer

Lev Pasternak was a Republic of Cinnabar citizen and a Warrant Officer in Republic of Cinnabar Navy. He was 60 years old in 5152 CE.9:22

Pasternak was bald above a fringe of red hair. He never moved fast, but neither did he waste motion or hesitate. His skills and seniority rated a post on a heavy cruiser if not a battleship, but he chose to sail with Daniel Leary on much smaller vessels because of Leary's history of taking valuable prizes.5:2

Pasternak's father was the chief mechanic at the Tomlinson Estate in Wassail County. Pasternak signed with the RCN, he planned to earn enough money for some land in the county. By 5152 CE, after multiple posts as Chief Engineer on vessels commanded by Daniel Leary, Pasternak made enough prize money to own the Tomlinson Estate and become the richest man in the county. While Pasternak's wife and his children enjoyed the status, the Chief Engineer could only stand a month or two at "home", wanting to be among spacers.8:4