Lucius Mundy
Male silhouette
Birth date5081
Birth placeCinnabar
Death date5132
Death placeXenos
SpouseEsme Rolfe Mundy
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
Adele MundyF5116
Agatha MundyF5122

Lucius Mundy was a Cinnabar citizen and politician, and the head of the Mundys of Chatsworth.

At one point, he won the race and presumably held the post of Treasurer of the Republic.2:7

He had two daughters, Adele and Agatha. After his family's role in the Three Circles Conspiracy was discovered, he, his wife, and their younger daughter were killed and their heads displayed on the Speaker's Rock in Xenos.1:2 He was fifty-one in 5132 CE, when his family was killed.9:22

On occasion, Lucius Mundy was spelled as Lucas Mundy.9:22