Maisie Weisshampl
Female silhouette
Birth date5119
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Highest rankLieutenant

Maisie Weisshampl was a Cinnabar citizen and an officer of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

Appearance Edit

Weisshampl was a tall woman with the features of a more petite one.1:1

Biography Edit

Her parents had some status in Cinnabar society, but no money to speak of; one of her aunts, however, had married wealth and provided her with the support an officer needed beyond nval pay.

Weisshampl served under Commander Stacey Bergen as a midshipman, as well as under Martina Lasowski aboard the RCS Thunderer.

At age twenty-eight, she served as First Lieutenant aboard the communications vessel RCS Aglaia when it was sent to the Commonwealth of Kostroma for negotiations with the new Elector. Some time after the ship's arrival, she authorized Lieutenant Daniel Leary's taking of twenty of the ship's ratings to the Electoral Library to assist Adele Mundy.1:1

When Kostroman and Alliance operatives seized the Aglaia during the coup against Elector Walter III, Lieutenant Weisshampl and the other officers were taken off ship and imprisoned in cells beneath the Electoral Palace.1:3

Lieutenant Weisshampl's further fate is not revealed in the book.

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Midshipman
  • Lieutenant

Posts Edit

  • RCS Thunderer
  • Executive Officer, RCS Aglaia

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