Miranda Dorst
Female silhouette
Birth nameMiranda Dorst
Birth date5129
SpouseDaniel Leary
FatherCaptain Dorst
MotherMadeline Dorst
NationRepublic of Cinnabar

Miranda Dorst was a citizen of the Republic of Cinnabar.

She was the twin sister of Midshipman Timothy Dorst, who died in action in 5149 CE. Miranda was tall and fair. Daniel Leary, who was Timothy's commander in the battle, met Miranda when he came to visit her mother about three months after the midshipman's death.5:1

Timothy (and Miranda) were grandchildren of an old shipmate of Stacey Bergen.2:10 The twins were 18 in 5147 CE.2:11

Miranda became Daniel's date for social occasions, fitting well into a much more affluent crowd. She and her mother were skilled seamstresses. Her late father was a Captain, and the Dorst family lived in straitened circumstances since his death, however Miranda could still call up manners of a lady. She was much more intelligent than Daniel's earlier liaisons, and had excellent instincts for social interactions, friendly and hostile.6:1

Miranda wasn't strikingly attractive, but she became oddly beautiful when she was in Daniel's company. Adele Mundy imagined her as a reflector for Daniel's brilliance.7:1 Miranda was over five foot eight and more athletic than willowy. She could take care of herself in Xenos at night, with a shock rod; she also had been good at lacrosse in school.

Miranda showed compassion and sensitivity when she recovered a book that Adele Mundy owned as a child: The Crystal Book of Verse for Children.7:4

Miranda married Daniel Leary.

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