Oller Kearnes
Male silhouette
FatherJan Slidell
MotherLira Kearnes
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Highest rankMidshipman

Oller Kearnes was a Cinnabar citizen and an officer candidate of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

A member of the Kearnes family, he was actually the illegitimate son of Lira Kearnes and Jan Slidell, the legal aide of Corder Leary, one of Cinnabar's most powerful politicians and a business associate of the family. Leary also had an affair with Mistress Kearnes, and believed Oller to be his son, though this was later disproven by a DNA test conducted by Adele Mundy. Even though Bruno Kearnes found out about the affair, he raised Oller as his third-born son.4:4 4:10

According to his mother, Oller was a extremely bright but undisciplined. He had signed on with a privateer, and was only convinced to abandon that plan when Senator Kearnes got him a special appointment as a midshipman. Adele Mundy suspected that Oller was a spoiled brat with romantic notions of shipboard life.

At age sixteen, Oller joined the Navy training sloop RCS Bainbridge's crew as a midshipman.

Some time into a training tour to the Sexburga System, he and two other crewman were accused of attempted mutiny. Instead of returning them to Cinnabar for court-martial, Captain Aban Slidell had them executed by ejection from an airlock, never realizing that he was killing his own nephew.4:1