Otto von Gleuck
Male silhouette
Birth date5122
FatherJohann von Gleuck
NationAlliance of Free Stars
ServiceAlliance Fleet
Highest rankFregattenkapitan

Otto von Gleuck was a citizen of Alliance of Free Stars and an officer in Alliance Fleet.

In 5152 CE he commanded AFS Z 46, the Alliance destroyer that was stationed on guard in Zenobia System. At that time von Gleuck had the rank Fregattenkapitan, corresponding to Lieutenant Commander in the RCN. He was about thirty Standard years and the same height as Daniel Leary, but trimmer. His vessel served to deliver the Founder of Zenobia and his sister Lady Posthuma Belisande (Posy) to the Qaboosh Assembly on Stahl's World.8:7 He and Posy were lovers, planning to marry.8:29

At that time, he had been the commander of the Alliance Fleet detachment at Zenobia for three years.8:17

He was born in a noble family on Adlersbild, and properly styled the Honorable Otto von Gleuck, second son of Count Johann von Gleuck.8:8

Otto von Gleuck commanded a mixed task force dubbed "Force Posy" in the Battle of Zenobia, defending Zenobia against the Horde.8:22

Posts Held

51495152Alliance Fleet Zenobia SquadronCommanding Officer