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NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Highest rankAdmiral

Ozawa was a a Republic of Cinnabar citizen and an officer in the Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

Biography Edit

Some time around 5150 CE, Cinnabar and the Alliance of Free Stars were contending for Monserrat Stars as part of the Fourth Alliance War. Cinnabar has sent a large squadron under the command of Admiral Ozawa.7:3 Ozawa's fleet was roughly equal to that of the Alliance Fleet forces in the cluster: 4 battleships and attendant vessels.7:10

Ozawa had his squadron based at New Harmony, when a surprise Alliance attack caught him by surprise, resulting in a major Cinnabar loss at the Battle of New Harmony. The remnant of RCN forces escaped to Cacique;7:12 while Ozawa and his senior staff had been sent to Pleasaunce.7:20