Planet (from With the Lightnings)
Location typePlanet
WithinRibbon Stars

Pantellaria was a nation. While it was an ally of Alliance of Free Stars, it was a significant supplier of larger warships to neutral worlds, and even supplied some equipment to the Alliance Fleet and Republic of Cinnabar Navy. In 5152 CE, the flagship of the Principality of Palmyra's navy was the Pantellarian-built Piri Reis.8:6

Both the Cinnabaran Dardo and AFS Insidioso were built on Pantellaria.7:22

Pantellarian propulsion systems often had flaws and their missiles were inferior, but their optics and imaging equipment was extremely good.7:25 Daniel Leary had the excellent RCN optics aboard RCS Princess Cecile replaced with special order sensors from Pantellaria at his own expense.7:27

History Edit

Pantellaria was the oldest human settlement in the Ribbon Stars, a First Tier colony founded before the Hiatus. After the star travel resumed post_Hiatus, Pantellaria founded its own colonies including Corcyra.10:4

Pantellaria, along with all six of its colonies, was captured by the Alliance of Free Stars in 5134 CE, setting off the Fourth Alliance War.9:2 It regained its independence 18 years later (5152 CE) under the terms of the Treaty of Amiens.10:2