Piri Reis
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationPrincipality of Palmyra
Build nationPantellaria
Year built5146
Vessel typeHeavy cruiser
Gun size15 cm
150 mm
5.906 inch
Number of guns9

Palmyra Edit

The Piri Reis was the flagship of Palmyra's naval service, the Horde. It was built on Pantellaria in 5146 CE.

Piri Reis had clean lines and longer antennas and spars than was usual for a heavy cruiser. Her defensive battery of 15-cm plasma cannon was arranged in three triple turrets—two dorsal, one ventral—instead of the four twin turrets of most heavy cruisers.8:6

It was destroyed in battle with Alliance Fleet and Republic of Cinnabar Navy forces in Zenobia System in 5152 CE.8:27

Ten Star Cluster Edit

A picket vessel, the Piri Reis, was serving as a port control ship above Todos Santos in 5148 CE when the Princess Cecile arrived there. It was almost certainly a different vessel.3:10

Piri Reis was a Ottoman admiral, geographer and cartographer born between 1465 and 1470, and died in 1554 or 1555.