The Principality of Palmyra, often called simply Palmyra, was a nation in the Qaboosh Region. In 5152 CE it had been an ally of Republic of Cinnabar for several generations, although its rulers, called Autocrators, exercised considerable autonomy. Palmyra was a major trading power in the Qaboosh, and was effective in suppressing pirate activity there.8:2

Its capital was Tadmor.8:19

Its naval forces, the Horde, were very capable in the anti-pirate operations, and were the strongest naval power in the region.8:7

History Edit

Palmyra, whose original Semitic name is Tadmor, was a province of the Roman Empire. In the 3rd century BCE it revolted, establishing a short-lived Palmyran Empire, before being reconquered by Rome.