The RCN Academy prepared candidates for officers in the Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

It was possible to become a commissioned officer in the RCN without Academy training, but not easily.7:14

The students were called cadets, with the upperclassmen behaving in a superior fashion to the junior cadets.2:1

It's not clear if the term was fixed:

  1. Eslpeth Vesey and Timothy Dorst graduated at eighteen;2:11
  2. Daniel Leary had (at least) four years of instruction;6:9 in fact he probably graduated around 5146 CE (five years after entry)
  3. the entrance age was sixteen.7:4

It seems possible that Vesey completed her schooling earlier, but Dorst would be unlikely for accelerated study.

The academy taught both academic subjects, and more practical aspects of being a naval officer. Daniel Leary in particular had fairly low grades in most subjects, but excelled in Astrogation. However, his class standing was not horrible since the naval career didn't attract many intellectuals.2:15

During Daniel's time in the Academy. Commander Foulkes taught tactics.2:32

The subjects included:

  • Astrogation2:15
  • Basic practical electronics2:16
  • Marksmanship, including hostage simulations2:18
  • Drill and ceremony (at which Leary never excelled)4:4
  • History6:1
  • Shiphandling7:14
  • Tactics, including missile tactics9:6
  • Rigging
  • Power room training9:8

In addition to the formal subjects, the academy also fostered the spirit of duty and self-sacrifice when required by that duty, largely through teaching the heroic exploits (often posthumously) of its past graduates.8:27

The Academy accepted foreign students from nations friendly to Republic of Cinnabar.5:8