RCS Bainbridge
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
Vessel typeSloop
1,200 tons

RCS Bainbridge was a training sloop of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy. It was about as big as the Princess Cecile.4:2

In 5149 CE, under the command Commander Aban Slidell, it made a training run to the Sexburga System with Oller Kearnes, the third son of the influential Senator Bruno Kearnes, aboard. During the trip, a serious incident occurred that led to Kearnes and two other crewmen being executed as mutineers.4:1

It didn't have a compartment were accused mutineers could be isolated, which contributed to Slidell's decision to execute them.4:2