RCS Hermes
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationRepublic of Cinnabar
Build nationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
Vessel typeLight cruiser
Vessel length300 feet
91.44 m
Mass3000 tons
Gun size4 inches
101.6 mm
Number of guns2

RCS Hermes was an anti-pirate tender of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy. It was classified as a light cruiser.4:4

Technical Description Edit

The Hermes massed 3000 tons.4:11

The Hermes was dumbbell-shaped with six cutters normally docked against the central bar in two groups of three, slightly offset from one another.4:4

She was about three hundred feet long. A third of the length was in the bullet-shaped bow section, followed by a small-dimension shaft some hundred and fifty feet long which connected the bow to the spherical stern element. The shaft contained only passages, airlocks, and the piping that fed air and reaction mass to the cutters. While attached, the cutters were completely supplied from the tender. The BDC was located in the core of the spherical stern section, completely surrounded by tanks of reaction mass.4:6

In 5149 CE it carried:

The cutters were the primary weapon for fighting pirates; the Hermes's only defensive armament was a single turret with two 4-inch plasma cannon. During take-off and landing, the six cutters were in their davits, clamped firmly to the spine so that they wouldn't swing about during the violence of atmospheric flight.4:8 In space, they were released to fly and fight independently.

The Hermes had four rings of antennas, three around the bow section and one at the cardinal points of the stern.4:7

History Edit


Aban Slidell51495149Commanding Officer
Adele Mundy51495149Signals Officer
Daniel LearyFirst Lieutenant4:6
Daniel Leary51495149First Lieutenant
Timothy Dorst51495149Midshipman