RCS Milton
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationRepublic of Cinnabar
Build nationAlliance of Free Stars
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
Vessel typeHeavy cruiser
Vessel length614 feet
187.147 m
13,000 tons
Gun size8 inch
203.2 mm
Number of guns4
Number of missiles312

RCS Milton was a heavy cruiser, informally known as the Millie.7:3

Initially in the service of Alliance Fleet as AFS Scheer, it was captured by Daniel Leary, repaired, and brought into service for the Republic of Cinnabar Navy. Its Alliance 20-cm plasma cannon were replaced by RCN standard 8-inch guns. Leary, promoted to Captain, was appointed the captain of the Milton. It massed 13,000 tons.

The cruiser was shaped like a steel cigar, six hundred and fourteen feet in length between perpendiculars. She had thirty-two antennas. The main yards were greater in diameter than the masts of the Princess Cecile. Indeed, each of the two outriggers which stabilized the Milton while she floated in harbor was greater in volume than a corvette. Battleships were much bigger yet, but even so the cruiser was ten times the Sissie‘s familiar size. She carried 312 missiles, and a bolt from her eight-inch plasma cannon was orders of magnitude more powerful than one from four-inch tubes on Princess Cecile.7:1

History Edit

See AFS Scheer for earlier history.

  • 5149 CE: Daniel Leary brings the captured and battle-damaged cruiser to Cinnabar.4:29
  • 5151 CE: The Milton was repaired by Bergen and Associates and placed into active service by RCN.7:1
  • 5151 CE: The Milton took a major role in two separate battles with Alliance Fleet forces in the Battle of Cacique, ending in victory for RCN but significant damage for the Milton.7:27
  • 5151 CE: after severe damage in battle, the Milton was declared constructive loss.8:3
  • 5152 CE: Post-scrapping, the cruiser's command console was installed in Kiesche, which Leary commanded on a trip to Corcyra.10:4


Adele Mundy51505150Signals OfficerAbout 5150 CE
Borries51505150Chief Missileer
Dan Robinson51505150First Lieutenant
Daniel Leary51505150Commanding Officer7:2
Elspeth Vesey51505150Second LieutenantAround 5150 CE7:2
Seth Chazanoff51505150Missileer's Mate7:5
Seth Chazanoff51505150Chief Missileer7:27