RCS Princess Cecile
APrinsessCecile 67 in matrix
Registry nationRepublic of Cinnabar
Build nationKostroma
Year built5128
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
Vessel typeCorvette
Vessel length230 feet
70.104 m
Vessel width55 feet
16.764 m
1,300 tons
Gun size4 inches
101.6 mm
Number of guns4
Number of missiles20
Missile tubes2

RCS Princess Cecile was a Kostroman-built corvette of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy, and Lieutenant Daniel Leary's first command.

She was most likely named after Princess Cecile Alpen-Morshach of Topaz, who was in charge of the secondary colonization expedition to Kostroma.1:2

The vessel was informally referred to as the Sissie, and her crew as the Sissies.

Technical Details Edit

She was two hundred and thirty feet long and fifty-five feet wide, armed with two twin four-inch plasma cannon turrets, offset toward the starboard bow and sternwards to port.2:1

She was shaped like a long cigar, with two outriggers extended to give stability on water; after lift-off they would be drawn up against the hull to avoid interfering with the antennas and sails. Empty, it massed 1200 tons.3:8

Fully loaded, she massed 1300, and could accelerate at a little better than 2g at full thrust.

The Sissie had paired 4-inch plasma cannon in turrets on the dorsal bow and ventral stern, giving her four guns in total.6:3 She had five decks parallel to the axis; the bridge was on A—the topmost—Level in the bow, and the Battle Direction Center with its parallel controls and personnel was at the stern end.9:3

Propulsion Edit

The Princess Cecile had three types of propulsion, much as most other starships:

  • 8 widely-spaced plasma nozzles, generally used in the atmosphere
  • High Drive, for use in vacuum, delivering its thrust from a multithroated central port;2:9 with a total of 16 nozzles in the rosette2:33
  • Sails for navigating through the 4-dimensional Matrix, suspended from telescoping antennas arranged in 6 rings.4:7

History Edit


Adele Mundy51475147Signals OfficerAbout 5147 CE
Adele Mundy5151Signals Officer
Betts51475149Chief Missileer1:8
Borries51495150Chief Missileer
Daniel Leary5147Commanding Officer1:4
Elspeth Vesey51495149Commanding OfficerCaptain of private ship Princess Cecile traveling to Ganpat's Reach on RCN charter5:1
Elspeth Vesey51495149First Lieutenant6:3
Elspeth Vesey51525152First Lieutenanttraveling to Zenobia on RCN charter
Elspeth Vesey51525152Commanding OfficerActing Captain, Princess Cecile (a.k.a. House of Hrynko)
Elspeth Vesey51475148Midshipman
Seth Chazanoff51525152Chief Missileer8:4
Timothy Dorst51475148MidshipmanStarting in RCN,2:10 but continuing through private charter.3:5

Fanart Edit

Marcelo Glenadel (mglenadel on Flickr) Edit

JustinFloyd (Flickr) Edit

a 3D set (Bryce models) by xriz Edit

Note: David Drake liked this, but commented that the outriggers should be the full length of the vessel.[1]

Jeff Waggoner's Model Edit

Jeff has been working on building a model of the Princess Cecile, and posting his progress on his blog.

References Edit

  1. David Drake, 2011-10-21, "The Princess Cecile of David Drakes 'RCN' series", Baen's Bar, retrieved 2012-09-02.
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